Who is PToverMS®, LLC?

We are a privately funded small entity designed to finance and pay Physical Therapy costs for people living with MS.

Why are we paying for your physical therapy?

The founder has MS. He learned Physical Therapy helps to improve both his mobility and psychological state of mind.

How many people do we hope to help?

Because PToverMS®, LLC is privately funded, we have limited resources. We hope to assist several people living with MS in the northern Illinois area each year, hopefully, year after year.

How does your doctor help?

There is an application that you need to complete, then either e-mail or fax it to our office. Ask your doctor for an application. If he/she does not have one, please email or fax us requesting one. We will send it to you.

From your doctor, you must have a multiple sclerosis diagnosis (written) and script for Physical Therapy. You must have the motivation to follow through on the Physical Therapy.

After I submit my application, what happens?

We will respond to your application. Then, you will need a positive written confirmation from us that you have been approved. PToverMS ®, LLC will also approve the physical therapy facility. After that, you just need to make your appointments, arrange your transportation, and show up with the needed paperwork (doctor’s prescription & the PToverMS®, LLC approval letter).

What physical therapy facility do we use? Why?

The founder of PToverMS®, LLC used a facility in Vernon Hills. If you have a PT facility that you are comfortable or prefer, we will do what we can to approve them.

Will the Physical Therapy treatments cost me anything?

Yes, it'll cost you your time, effort, energy, and transportation. The monetary costs of Physical Therapy at an approved PT facility will be paid by PToverMS®, LLC.

What happens to my application when PToverMS®,LLC is finished reviewing it?

We you will return it to you or destroy it. You just need to tell us your preference.

If I have additional unanswered questions, how do I get them answered?

Fax them or e-mail them to the contact points listed below. Please be patient, we will respond to you.


PT Over MS®, LLC
PO Box 6116
Lindenhurst, IL 60046

FAX: (847) 623-6406
E-mail: [email protected]